The "Moto-Boys" of São Paulo


Sao Pãulo
March 29, 2020

Avenida Paulista is one of the most popular streets of São Paulo. It is eerily quiet this weekend.

Bus service has been drastically cut back, shopping malls and retail stores located along the avenue are all closed. Restaurants continue to serve delicious food - albeit for take-out/delivery only - all with the help of the Moto-Boys of Sao Pãulo.

The "Moto-Boys" is a Portuguese term used to describe the guys/gals on motor bikes who ride throughout the city delivering packages, documents, and yes, food deliveries. 

The Moto-Boys are synoymous with this city. Zooming along the streets loudly with the constant "tooting" of their horns - they dash quickly between cars, attempt dangerous turns, and signal loudly for pedestrians to get out of their way at crosswalks.

At busy intersections, they weave their way between cars to the front of the traffic light and congregate together - like a herd of cattle ready to stampede. When the light changes green, they take off with such velocity, accelerating immediately to their next delivery.

As the city remains in semi-lockdown, the Moto Boy's business has been brisk. Strapped to their backs are enormous red or green insulated backbacks, with "I-Food" or "Uber Eats" logos emblazened on the back;  delivering food to those who want it and the demand has been very strong.

For those Moto-Boys who do not own a motor-bike, they use the old fashioned way of delivery - bicycles. Although much slower, the bicycles are used by the younger folk - who are trying to make quick money and they do it with such a laborious speed.

This is one of the positive stories behind the Cornavirus nightmare the entire world is living in right now. These Moto-Boys should be commended. They hustle. They work hard. They are reliable. They are there when we need them, and they are there when we are hungry.

The other night a gourmet burger showed up at my doorstep via a "Moto-Boy". It was delicious, warm and the fries were unbeliveably hotter than I expected.

Delivered with such speed and courtesy. 

Kudos to the Moto-Boys of São Paulo.