Wine, Surf & Sun: The Perfect Trifecta

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Waiheke Island
October 06, 2016

New Zealand wines are cultivated with help from the rich, hearty soil and the tropical climate wine grapes thrive upon.

These opulent wines are some of the best vintages in the world and are unique to their finish and flavor. It leaves the amateur connoisseur desiring more.

Waiheke Island, is a 12 mile long stretch of land located off the coast of Auckland. It is the second largest island in the Hauraki Gulf and is home to many of New Zealand’s esteemed vineyards.

With a local, year-long population of 8,000, the island can swell to over 35,000 residents in peak summer season. This number does not include the abundance of eager tourists who pack the hourly ferries, seeking to explore the island’s natural jewels.

Although Waiheke is trying hard to control its growth, the wineries have benefited from its surging popularity. They have witnessed substantial increases in visitation, since the inception of wine making on Waiheke in the late 1970’s. 

Having tropical weather similar to Greece’s Santorini Island,  helps foster Waiheke’s robust vegetation and allows for rich, bountiful harvests. The confluence of strong sun with frequent wet rains, make the wines here delicious and flavorful. 

The idyllic shores of Onetangi and Oneroa beaches are what ultimately draw people to visit here. Nestled up to the beaches are the distinctive chiseled cliffs adding to the remarkable landscape. Beyond these formations lie the sprawling green vineyards.

Just a walk from Onetangi Beach, the lush green vineyards will await you. The landscape is truely beautiful. The local residents are proud to call this island their home, as they wake up everyday in the core of their islands' natural beauty.

Waiheke Island offers visitors a unique proposition: Where else can you savor the local wine trade, while also basking on the beautiful beaches, just moments later?

Not even the Napa Valley can compete with this. A proposition no one should pass up.

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