Religion on Hollywood Boulevard

Los Angeles

Hollywood, California
September 20, 2016

Bike riding to the gym on Hollywood Boulevard is a real challenge with the maze of cars and an abundance of pedestrians. There is always something entertaining to see on my short journey from Los Feliz.

Recently, it turned out to be a religious experience. There was a “fashionista” nun in costume enduring the heat for a photo spread, maybe for some millennial fashion magazine.

She was sashaying on the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard near the 101, and cars began to honk as they passed. Some stopped in excitement with Iphones in hand, while others just rubbernecked and said a quick “Hail Mary” as they drove by.

I thought only in LA.

Later that day while riding home through "Thai Town" - a commercial area of excellent Thai restaurants and local, provisional stores - I was surprised to see a large elaborately decorated Buddha Statue on the sidewalk.

Facing a busy intersection and wedged in front of an entrance to a parking lot, there were offerings laid out for the deity. This included water cups, empty food plates, incense and flowers all sprinkled about.

A woman was standing directly in front of the smiling Buddha in deep prayer, as I pedaled by.

This was a reminder that I needed to go to Mass. I went the following Sunday.

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