My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been
–Diane Arbus

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The "Moto-Boys" of São Paulo

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Long Beach

Sunday Volunteer Brunch

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new zealand

Little Bo Peep's Dilemma

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new zealand

Wine, Surf & Sun: The Perfect Trifecta

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Peter Janssens

About Me

For me, travel is stepping out of your comfort zone only to find unforgettable experiences that will transform your life forever.

As a small kid growing up in Connecticut, I used to dream about the Pan Am 707′s at JFK Airport and imagine what country they were flying to. It was fantasy and excitement: I wanted to be aboard one of those Jet Clippers.

Throughout the numerous times I have traveled to far away places, I have shared my personal stories only with friends and family through written notes and group emails.

It is now time to embark on a larger, digital platform to share my stories.

Traveling is a unique and personal experience. It makes you ponder how wonderful this big blue marble - which we call "our world" - truly is. 

People, places and an individual experience – that’s travel!